Inside a game of intellect.


Chess. A game played by hundreds and millions. If you pay attention, in it’s own unique way, chess teaches us a lot of valuable principles that we can use in life. But how can a board game help you in LIFE, right? Well, to understand that we need to dive into the beguiling story behind the origin of it. So lets get to it!

Chess is said to have originated in India, during the reign of a king obsessed with his power, war and with bloodshed. He was so obsessed with the battlefield, that he would declare war on other kingdoms just for the satisfaction of it, after that it did not matter if it was his own army getting defeated, his own soldiers, knights and commoners giving up their lives. To him, he was the most important, as long he was amused, as long as he was the supreme power, the dictator, nothing mattered to him.

As you can imagine, everyone in his kingdom was upset. Everyone secretly loathed him, because obviously they didn’t dare question the absolute power- their king. Among this society was a “common” man, who, like everyone wanted his king to stop the atrocities he had been the cause of. But, he knew that if he openly questioned the methods of the king, it could never bring him or the kingdom any good. So, he sat down, thought for hours. How to not offend the king and still pass on the necessary message?

He decided, that if by any chance he finds a way to indirectly make the king see his point of view, it might help him and help everyone. With that in mind he figured out that he needed to find the disguises of the roles of whose importance he wanted to convey. This man took a piece of square wood, drew some lines, with black and white. This was the “battlefield.” Now he needed the army.

He carved some wooden pieces and gave each one a “post” in the army, with their own unique powers with them. Powers that he understood that these beings had for real. There was the soldier (pawn) who doesn’t have a lot of power. He moved only one block, two blocks at most in his first move, just like how a soldier does not have much say in the field, he moves how he is told to. But, still he protects his land to his utmost capacity .

Then, there was the knight, who moved two and a half blocks (in the shape of letter ‘L’) Although, he had limited power, he still shouldn’t be taken lightly. You never know how the knight can turn the tables. Hence, the king needs him too because of his unpredictable nature. Then, there was the bishop. He gave this piece of wood he called the “bishop” a lot of power, but like a bishop in the real world, although he had a lot of power, he could think only in one way (slanting blocks), that is the sole way of his faith. Similarly, the rook who has power, only moves in one direction, the direction that he is told to.

Now, for the most important roles, that is the King and the Queen, he carefully carved these two.made them stand together, just like in real life they stand hand in hand. He decided that on this battlefield created by him, the Queen will be powerful. The Queen will be allowed to move all the four directions, however long a distance she wished to cover in one move. This indicated the power and the importance of the Queen and how a Queen does everything to protect herKing, her status, her land and her people.


The King too had this power but, only for one step. This was to show that even though, the king is powerful, but only in his own territory. Although, just like in real life, if the king is in danger, everyone in his vicinity needs to protect him, because if he is defeated, the whole kingdom is defeated, the whole kingdom falls apart with it’s King. Still, a King alone on a battlefield has no power, he is not even a king without these parts.

A King, needs his Queen the most, and he should never forget that she is his strength, with her help he can win the hardest of battles. A King needs the Knight, the Bishop and the Rook to support him. He needs the commons and the soldiers too to protect him.

After the man completed constructing his game, he presented it to the king, the king found it so captivating that he gradually got addicted to it and destroyed his kingdom anyway, by neglecting his subjects altogether. Excess of anything eventually leads to destruction.

But just like in chess, every single thing has it’s own significance so nothing should b e taken for granted. There is beauty and knowledge all around us. We just need to pause and look carefully. Who knows… What thing could be a source of valuable knowledge to you.




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