Inside the mind of a traveller with no destination


How many of us are told constantly that our sole purpose in life should be to find ourselves, to find a place we can call home and ultimately “settle down”? We start to believe that it’s some sort of race that we need to win. Which race is this? No one knows. What do we get if we win? No one knows. What do we get if we lose? No one knows…

So why do we keep running? To reach the illusion we have created called “the final destination” so that when we reach here, we don’t have to struggle in search for answers, because when we reach this state we are supposed to be out of questions. Why? Because this place is supposed to answer ALL the questions that we HAD.  But I think that it’s not the solution. I rather think that it is the problem.

We talk a lot about how we want the answers to everything. We are obsessed with it, chasing the ultimate answer. But think about it. Aren’t we happier seeking the answer? Isn’t our obsession with the question itself? Once you find the answer you risk completion. We talk about wanting to find ourself, we talk about being found. But isn’t it more fun to get lost? Aren’t we all wanderers ultimately? The travelers in search of signification. But when we find it it’s over.


John Steinbeck once said, “I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.” I believe that life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Once you believe that you have found yourself, that you have reached the ultimate state of self, you stop evolving. Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of being concerned about our careers we could be concerned about our curiosities?

Stop running. Think about it. Is it important to be perfect and to settle down? Or is it better to always ask question, to feed your curiosities, to evolve, to travel to the unknown rather than being stuck at the same place, to constantly redefine ourselves, to find the joy in being lost…




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